About Ethan

Thank you for visiting GreyMatterLeaks. I’m Ethan.

I have spent the last few years writing about my experiences and thoughts on mental health, love, family, various existential crises, my deep-seated wanderlust and a life spent trying to understand the world around me.

Following an extremely traumatic event in 2017, I was faced with PTSD and the eventual loss of my job in June 2018. To fill my time, I studied to become a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL); a course I passed in October of the same year.

Writing and travelling are the two things that bring me a sincere sense of purpose. The TEFL qualification is there for when I’m ready to hit the road again, but for now I’m using my love for words and creative writing as a means of self-therapy and catharsis. I’ve got nothing but time at the moment, and I believe that we each owe a debt of responsibility towards each other and the world. I’m working towards trying to make myself a better person, and hopefully contribute to the world in some small way by showing that being honest and open about your own mental health is the first step to achieving mental wellbeing. It’s a process I’m in the middle of myself, and I’m happy to be joined by those on the same journey.

With that said, here you will find my thoughts, laid out in all their truth - good and bad. 

These are my "GreyMatterLeaks".